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  We have continued our study and work without comprimising from SELENTEKS quality as a whole of team which expertised in this field in our very modern laboratoary.SELENTEKS quality which has been created by using USTER TESTER-4,AFIS,HVI-900,TENSORAPID,AUTOSORTER and RING EXPERT has a justifiable pride as a firm demanded in its sector and well known all over the world.

  We have been accredited by USA(AQA) accreditation firm by setting ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and management system in order to convey our quality of yarn system and management to the peak point in globalizng world.We have been awarded with a certification of ÖKO-TEX standard 100 in order to certify that the yarns we have been producing ,are safe for human health.In additional to these all,we have proved our sensibility and care in terms of quality by being awarded with certificates of production sufficient of turkish standardization instution and appropriateness to turkish standards.


  Our firm which has applied and used a number of innovations since it started manufacturing life ,does not recognise any limit in service presedent for their customers by means of 20 twisting and 7 folding machines.Each machine has 192 heads and a capacity of 10 tons/day.The yarns between Ne 6/1-100/1 are applied for twisting process very carefully.All types of yarns produced by means of RING and OPEN END machines in our twisting plants with lycra or without lycra are twisted 2 or 3 folds in a masterly way.Our firm is the one which is the most preferable association with the image that does not recognise any limit in a range of types responding the market demand completely by lycra twisting.As long as our yarn has danced,spirit of cotton has existed in the world and our firm is going to keep on leading with is different dance style forever.As the right and unique adress of yarn which we have been using for different purposes in all fields of our lives,SELENTEKS textile inc. has developed with right,firm and fast steps in its sector.


  We mankind have a list of needs in our short human life such as;accomodation ,feeding,drinking and dressinf.etc.since the antiquity , these human needs which have been continuing but varying according to the ages,human beings always wanted to have the best in fact,it must be so because as human being we have been the excellent creature , worthy to be given the best.As the production and consumption society currently ,human kind join his creativity with technology and has indefferent synthesis.

In fact the goal is the same ...

  The best has to be produced ,consequently the best has to be consumed.By this philosopy,mankind would like to share what he has produced and mutual presentation starts.Competitiveness aries , well then productive and consuming society begin to select and to be selected or to enjoy or to be enjoyed and requies quality in any case.What we call "TEXTILE" ! We have a connection with yarn and reach the cotton which is the raw material of it and blows the spirit in it.Cotton purity begins to dance in order to become SELENTEKS YARN gloriously and warm touching of our working staff in our admininstration by bright and live colour,with a different range of each colours and the same colour in all types and colours as the market of yarn,SELENTEKS TEXTILE is a powerful and
and glorious industrial foundation.