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  The raw material which is transported to our factory , is stocked in our stores. Some certain tests are applied from the view of whether its parameters are appropriate to our standards or not before production phase is started with a careful manner of operation. The bales which are out of standard are determined and the best quality and purest raw material is driven to production assembly. Our staff who are expert in their own branch and fields reaches the desired result perfectly soon by using HVI 900 and USTER AFIS which are who excellent appliances of USTER technology during these operation.



  In our preparation stages, which contain of different groups, by using TRÜTZSCHLER blow room, containing foreign fiber removed & carding followed by MARZOLI-VOUK draw frame technology,% 100 cotton ,% 100 viscose ,% 100 polyester, cotton-viscose, cotton-acrylic, acrylic-viscose, polyester-viscose, linen-cotton and linen-viscose, are prepared in order to start elegant yarn dancing and cotton is sorted out foreign fibers and manufacturing phase is started with all elegance and neatness to from excellence and perfect ness in production. These blends mentioned above are presented for the favor of our customers by being manufactured in desired number intervals both in the state of pure and mixture in OPEN END and RING plant.

  In our OPEN END plant, latest model machine SCHLAFHORST technology has been used. We have a capacity of 10 machines, 2880 rotor and 30 tons/day manufactured yarn. Moreover, in our OPEN END plant ,slab yarn has been manufactured via AMSLER technology and added an indifferent style to mysterious dance slow of yarn. Our plant which has a slab yarn capacity of 15 tons/day, has become a well known trade brand all over the world by means of  SELENTEKS quality and has always been recognized clearly in its sector with indifferent style.

  All types of fibers assembled from preparation group, have been manufactured as Ne:5/1-30/1 yarn both as plain or slab yarn and made ball of string in the quality and type desires. In the developing and changing world economy, our administration has continuously renewed itself, followed innovations and aimed to present its customers the best quality.

  In our ring plant, quality and timing problems have been solved completely arising from occupational errors by providing UTIT automatic transport system and between ring & bobbin transfer and link system and decreasing interrupting time. Our firm which has proved itself with quality, range of products and customer satisfaction, has taken its place among most preferable firms by applying innovations required by present time as the first time ,providing automation by means of automatic transport system between flyer-ring-bobbin and rising the quality of products to the highest level. During our manufacturing phases , we have always checked product and quality parameters of our machines from carding to bobbin via on-line system by ring expert technique not to allow any risks which may possibly appear.

  Our staff team who have specialized in their own fields and well disciplined, have twisted yarn perfectly by joining raw material with innovative technology on our automatic doffing system ring machines. Moreover , by this assembly line, most elegant cotton yarn without all of mixtures, is manufactured perfectly as yarn between Ne 4/1-105/1 by joining experience of our staff with their technical information during the mysterious journey of cotton. Our ring plant which targeted the best quality in production and servicing, has also proved its quality in this field by applying SCHLAFHORST 338 and USTER QUANTUM technology. Our company which has a capacity of 30 tans/day, has been developing continuously day by day with the support of administrative quality and customer satisfaction.

  Our ring plant has obtained of having the right of being one of the first and leading association in the sector by lycra centralizing technique all types of mixture with lycra and slab yarn / multi twist / multi count being produced in our company , operation principle in the sector, qualified products and compatible pricing in the world market. Likewise, all kinds of problems have been solved during the early beginning phase by getting rid of possibility of lycra leakage in the yarns produced by AMMSLER lycra stop motion devices. Our firm has also proved its perfectionist approach in the services presented to customers and high quality in the lycra products via DUPONT LYCRA technique.

  Meanwhile, glorious dance of yarn has been converted into additional elegance by twisting our slab yarn expertly in our latest model ring machines. Our slab yarn / multi twist / multi count that have an indifferent specialty in textile sector and being preferred in various sector has made SELENTEKS yarn leader in fashion world. Our firm which acts with the changing and developing technology together by manufacturing slab and lycra yarns that there is no boundary and limitation in its range of products. When these efforts towards our goal and customer satisfaction come together, our pride and title identified with the best quality arise.